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To be able to start using the software, the first thing that needs to be done is migrating the members data to the Genkgo software from the software that the organization used previously. In principle, Genkgo does not execute administrative tasks for clients because all applications have built-in options to import data. Depending on the case, an exception is the import of the members file.

Genkgo helps new clients (by e-mail and phone) when commissioning the software with questions about the functionality. However, this doesn't mean that we can go through each step of the migration so that the client can execute the import with members data. Our support website and the help functionality in the admin include articles that explain how to make imports.

It is possible to make additional arrangements regarding migrations to other applications. If no arrangements are made, Genkgo will assume that the client does not need assistance.

Price of members import

When the members file is one-dimensional and has a maximum of 30 columns, Genkgo will import the members for free. A one-dimensional file is a file that includes only the personal data of members (name, address, contact details etc.). It does not include groups and/or other interrelations. A one-dimensional members file also cannot have a structure of company members with contact persons.

For other member imports or for multiple files, the price will be determined after reviewing the file(s).

Imports by Genkgo

When Genkgo import the member data, either a one-dimensional file for free or a multi-dimensional file/multiple files (not free), the following should be taken into account. In principle, the import will be done twice. The first time is at the start of the process and the second time is right before publishing the website. If the client does not have a Genkgo website, there will be only one import moment.

For the first import, Genkgo will create a script and import the members data. Genkgo does not change anything in the content of the file the client provided. Columns containing incorrect or not normalized (e.g. dates in several different formats) data will not be imported. Members files with a poor quality may be sent back to the client to be improved. After the first import moment, the client has a one-off opportunity to give feedback about fields that were imported incorrectly. Genkgo will then import the file again.

For the second import, the client may hand in a new version of the file that was imported earlier. However, the file must have the exact same structure as the file of the first import. Because the first import was approved by the client, we assume the second import, which is executed with the same method, is imported correctly. There is no possibility for feedback.

Additional import moments

If more than two import moments are required, the price will be increased proportionally (migration price members import / 2). For free imports, additional import moments cost € 90 excl. vat.

If the client submits  a file with a new structure for the second import moment, Genkgo cannot accept this and will ask the client to submit another file with the same structure as the file from the first import moment. If this is not possible, Genkgo will have to create and test a new script for the import. Therefore, the full amount for a members import will be charged again. If the initial members import was free, in this case the costs are € 180 excl. vat.