Backup policies

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Genkgo’s cloud platform includes several data carriers, for example an SQL database, the files system, a key-value store, a document database or a message queue. For each data carrier there are possible backup strategies, which are further clarified below.

  • Client’s most important data, including the data in the Organization Application, are saved in an SQL database. Each client has a separate, shielded database, of which a backup is made each day. Clients can also make backups themselves using the software. These backups are saved for 45 days.
  • The files system is used to save files such as pictures and documents. A backup of these data is made daily. Each backup is saved for one month.
  • Backups of the other data, including e-mail, are made using snapshots of the system. These snapshots are taken daily and saved for one month.

Restore backups

Clients have the possibility to create and restore backups in the admin. If the client wants to restore only some specific data, Genkgo will have to do this. For this work, the hourly rate that applies at that moment will be charged based on subsequent calculation.