Disk space

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The application Files makes it possible for administrators to save files in the cloud, for example documents, images and video’s. A reference to these files can be made from other applications, particularly Website and Communication. Users can download these files through a link provided by administrators.

No archive function

The application Files makes it possible to build up an archive of files. However, this is not its primary function. In the Files application, a file size limit of 200mb applies. Another limit may apply in other applications.

The File application does not have functionality for editing files online, version management or other collaboration options. Furthermore, it is not possible to save source files or images in print quality, or to optimize video files for streaming. To do this, Genkgo recommends that you use specialized services of third parties such as Youtube or Vimeo.

Disk space limitation

Besides the file size limit of 200 mb, we don’t apply a limit for the total disk space. We do intend to impose such a limit in the future. Clients can then acquire extra disk space on top of a set limit against payment.