Customizing generic apps

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In addition to websites, Genkgo develops mobile apps. We offer generic apps, such as VerenigingenApp, but we also develop custom apps. If the app is custom, there is a specific agreement between Genkgo and the client about the functionality and the updates of the app. This article discusses generic apps.

Generic app

A generic app is made for a wider group than only one client. An example it the VerenigingenApp. All Genkgo clients can purchase and use this app.

Extensions of the generic app

The generic app has a limited amount of extensions. This is because testing client specific extensions each time there is an update is considerably time-consuming. Genkgo must charge the client for the time it takes to test client specific extensions. Because of the complexity of the app, these costs would be several times the costs of the license for the generic app itself. Therefore, if the client wishes to add specific functionality to the app (that is not an existing extension for the generic app), it is better to choose for a custom app for which we can make specific agreements for updating the app.

Complexity of the app

The software of an app is much more complicated than that of a website because there are multiple active layers involved when developing an app. Firstly, there is the software layer on the device itself. Secondly, there is the domain layer (functionality) on the side of the server/admin. Finally, there is the layer that provides the app with data from the domain layer. For all these layers, the development of software is required. In addition, the developer needs to take into account multiple operating systems with their own methodologies. Because of this, the software must be tested on all these different operating systems. In the case of Android, device manufacturers also make all kinds of adjustments in the operating system that cause an even greater complexity. All this together causes the costs for the development of an app to be much higher than the costs for the development of a website.

Limited extensions

So are there no possibilities to have custom extensions for a generic app such as the VerenigingenApp? We can build an iframe and add this to the app. This is a type of mini web page that is included in the app. In principle, users will not notice that they are in fact looking at a web page. However, the functionality we can build in this way is limited. If the functionality involves entering data, we recommend that you switch to a custom app. Keep in mind that a custom app involves high initial costs because of the complexity of developing an app.