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  1. Because of the opaque nature of the approval processes by Apple and Android, we cannot guarantee a fixed publication date.
  2. The content of the app is the client’s own responsibility. Good content is not only important for members, but it is a requirement for the approval process.
  3. Before publication, the app can be viewed with the administrator app on a pc or Mac. There is no test version available for a mobile device.
  4. After publication, the content of the app such as the environments and the background image may continually be adjusted. Those adjustments can be made in the application Mobile. Most adjustments will immediately be visible in the app, unless an official app update is required for the type of adjustment (e.g. for the theme, see 9. App updates).
  5. VerenigingenApp is a product with an established design. Changes in this design by your organization are limited to the theme (colors, logo and app icon). The theme can freely be changed by the administrator until the app is published in the app stores. After that, theme changes will only be visible after the next app update (see 9. App updates). If a client wishes a theme update to be published earlier, this is possible under particular conditions and for a fee.
  6. Suggestions for improvement are very welcome. However, we cannot guarantee that this will be put into action.
  7. VerenigingenApp is a product with fixed functionality. Genkgo decides 1) which extensions are added and which adjustments are implemented and 2) when these are made available in an update.
  8. By app updates we understand adjustments to the app for which an official app update must be published in the app stores. This includes adjustments in functionality, additional functionality, bug fixes, edits in the theme of the app. App updates will automatically become available as updates on the devices of users. The appearance of the app may differ per operating system. Here too, the Apple’s and Google’s approval requirements apply.
  9. Reporting bugs. See polity fixing bugs.