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The Program module is an extension of the Events application which makes it possible to manage events with a complex program. With the module, participants can be offered the possibility to make their own choices for the program, which results in a personal program for each participant. The module is mainly used for events such as conferences, wich last several days and have a varied program.

Carefree registration for a complex event

Events with aspects such as sponsors, workshops or interviews must be very well organized. The Program module makes this possible. Planning and managing the registration of such an event can be quite complicated. That is why the software has extensive possibilities. However, some knowledge and experience is required to be able to make all correct settings for the program. An administrator should be able to keep the event clear and organized for themselves as well as the particpants, and the registration must run smoothly.

Extra service for software setup

The Program module is used for anual events quite often. Because many communities have new board every year, each of those anual events will have different organizers who have to go through the same learning process to be able to use the Program module effectively. This also means a demand for extra support from Genkgo, most often in the form of multiple consults. Even though the software is documented thorougly, not one event is the same. Support for organizing complex events is therefore virtually inevitable, particularly in the period approaching the opening of online registrations.

Which extra service can Genkgo offer?

Genkgo offers different forms of support for organizing events, though under certain conditions. The costs for the service will be charged. Genkgo is not a communications agency or event organizor. Genkgo provides software and therefore offers support in the form of answers to specific questions, feedback and advice. Genkgo does not make settings in your software. We offer:

  1. Analysis and revision of settings, feedback by e-mail. The goal is to convert the intent of the event to correct settings in the software.
  2. Consult in a webinar, in which we go throught the settings together and determine what needs to be done to improve the settings.
  3. Genkgo has connections to several external parties that have experience with the software and can help use the software to organize the event. If desired, Genkgo can connect customers with such a party.

Requesting extra service

Genkgo evaluate whether a program has been set up correctly without knowing the context of the event. When requesting extra service, it is therefore required to include a document in which the intent and rough planning of the event are presented, based on which Genkgo can reasonably review the settings. The request must be submitted at least two months before the opening of online registrations. If service is requested within two months before the opening of online registrations, the costs for the service will be higher. Genkgo reserves the right to deny the service in that case, or provide service in the way that Genkgo deems best.

After the request, the service will be scheduled. The support can only be provided when the customer has configured the event entirely with the help of documentations and tutorials.

Submission specifications

Put together a document with at least the things mentioned below. Not one event is the same, and Genkgo cannot predict the details. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to give detailed information in all cases.

Practical information

  • Date and duration of the event
  • Date of opening online registrations
  • Is the event free or paid?
  • The groups that may register
  • Ticket options
  • Are you going to use forms (from the Events application) in registration?

Program information

  • The goal and intent of the event. Examples: training, interviews, informative, etc.
  • Type of speakers. For example: in-house, companies, professors, etc.
  • Provide an overview of the schedule. Which activities are planned, what are (roughly) the times of the activities in the program?
  • Participation in activities:
    • Can all participants take part in all activities, or is registration for specific activities required? Indicate for each scheduled activity.
    • What is the process of registration? Can participants chose themselves, or can they only indicate their preferences based on which an arrangement will be made later on? (This arrangement can be made automatically)
    • Can speakers indicate their preferences for participants who can take part in their activities?
    • Is there a maximum number of activities participants can take part in (within the whole event and/or withing certain programs)
  • Are there other particulars that need to be taken into account?

Send the document in an e-mail to

Program module in combination with dedicated website

If a dedicated website is used for an (anual) event, it is possible to make changes to the design of this website. You can submit your request according to the website adjustments policy. The usual prices apply. Requests for dedicated websites of events are not given priority because of upcoming events. Therefore, make sure you submit the request timely.