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This document discusses our method for providing subsites. This policy document is a specification of the ‘website adjustments’ policy document.

What is a subsite?

‘Subsite’ means a separate website based on the main website of the organization. This website runs on its own domain name or subdomain, for example Frequently occurring examples are event websites (completely dedicated to one large event), committee websites (dedicated to activities of certain a committee) and career websites (dedicated for career options).

Technology and design based on the main website

The technology and design of a subsite is completely based on the main website, so it doesn’t need to be designed or developed. However, it is possible to make some adjustments to the design, modules and configuration upon request so that it differs from the main website.

Content and layout (partly) based on the main website

Just like for the main website, the client is responsible for placing and managing content on the website. This content may be completely different from the main website, but may also be similar. For example, it is possible to automatically display the news articles of the main website on the subsite as well to avoid managing the same content on multiple sites. Indicate the setup of each module (see below).


Similarities to the main website

The following elements of the main website will be implemented in the subsite by default:

  • Graphic style: color palette, font, visual elements, interactive elements;
  • Logo(s);
  • Page templates;
  • Modules;
  • Login structure.

Possible adjustments per subsite

The following types of adjustments are possible for the above mentioned elements:

  • Adjustments in graphic style: color palette, font, visual elements, logo(s);
  • Deviant content of modules (for example a separate news feed, other photo’s in album etc.);
  • Deviant layout of home page;
  • Additional design of page templates;
  • Additional design of modules.

Request a subsite

The price and delivery term can only be determined once Genkgo has been able to form a coherent idea of the wishes of the community. These wishes must be sent to Genkgo in a document. This document must include at least:

  • Name of the subsite;
  • Primary objective of the subsite
  • Preferred publication date of the subsite;
  • Preferred domain name or subdomain name on which the subsite should be published;
  • A numbered list of adjustments in accordance with the website adjustments policy, sorted by priority. Each adjustment includes a clear description. In case of an adjustment concerning graphic elements, the color codes and/or graphic filed must be included;
  • Indicate per website module whether the content should be the same as the main website or not.

General pricing guidelines

The price of the subsite consists of the implementation costs and the adjustments costs:

The more the subsite differs from the main website, the more complex the work will be. This has an impact on the price. Therefore, it is important to determine in advance which elements should be the same and which elements should differ from the main website.

If the subsite is published on your own domain name, additional costs for this domain name may apply.