Website adjustments

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“We would like to implement the following list of website adjustments, how much does it cost?”

This question is asked frequently by Genkgo’s clients. To prevent delays and confusion, this policy document serves to create clarity about the expectations for website adjustments.


Fixed budget

For website adjustments that are not included in the service, we maintain a fixed budget for 4 hours (1 session). Within this time, we try to realize as many requests as possible. The budget will be used for:

  1. Analysis of the list;
  2. Implementation of the requests;
  3. Communication with the client.

The analysis of the list has the main purpose of determining the nature of the requests.

  • Adjustments of the website design (1 session, 4 hours, € 280*);
  • Adjustments of the website module’s functionality (1 session, 4 hours, € 360*);
  • Adjustments of the administrative software’s functionality. We don’t make these kind of adjustments during website adjustments. Please submit requests regarding the administrative software separately.


We start with the first request on the list and work our way down. After the agreed on hours from the budget are up, we will communicate with the client about the requests that were implemented. The client is then asked to view and approve the work. If you have any feedback, the client will need to purchase a new session of 4 hours. The client may also revise the remaining requests so that these can be implemented within a new session.

The time it takes to implement certain adjustments or new elements depends on a number of factors:

  • The most important factor is the quality of communication. Analyzing a vaguely formulated request takes more time than analyzing a clearly stated request accompanied with an example, screenshot and/or link. If you wish to clarify your requests by phone, include this in the list. Note that the time of this phone call will also be taken out of the budget.
  • A second important factor is the age of the website. The general rule is: the older the website, the more time it will cost to implement changes. For a website that has been in use for several years, the client might consider developing an entirely new design, or installing a new template.

Delivery specifications

  1. Submit your requests in a text document (not PDF).
  2. The document is divided into the categories ‘Design’ and/or ‘Functionality’.
  3. State your requests by category in a numbered list.
  4. The list of requests is sorted by priority (starting with most important, ending with least important).
  5. Requests include at least links and explanation. Screenshots may be included if deemed necessary.

Genkgo reserves the right to refuse requests not submitted in accordance with the method above. Genkgo reserves the right to skip request that are not formulated clearly enough and/or do not include an explanation. We will handle the requests at least one working week after submission.